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Kelly’s Thoughts on Things: Are you looking for a new Christmas tradition?

Are You Looking For a New Christmas Family Tradition

When my kids were very young, we had little traditions, but I didn’t think they were a big deal.  Of course, now that my daughter is a Mommy, she is introducing those same traditions to her family.  However, it’s fun to find your own tradition to teach your kids.  Boy, do I have a great Christmas tradition for everyone!  It even teaches little ones some wonderful values.  It is called “Reindeer in Here” and it comes with the sweetest reindeer stuffed animal.  You also get a great book to read to the kids that explain the whole story.

The cute little reindeer is somewhat different than the other reindeer in the book.  You see, he (or she – the kids can decide) has one antler that is smaller, so he/she doesn’t quite look like the rest.  But like this book teaches, it is a great thing to be a little different!  Every child is different too.  Nobody is the same, and that is something we should celebrate.  I love that the book shows this small, fluffy little reindeer stepping up and telling Santa an idea that it has.  He/She asks Santa to put a little reindeer in every home with a child so that they can get to know them, show them around, take them places, and to find out what the little ones want for Christmas.  Of course, Santa gets to know if the child has been naughty or nice too.

What a sweet idea!  The only thing I’m a little worried about is explaining to my granddaughter that the reindeer go back home to Santa until the next December.  However, this is why I love the book it comes with.  It explains to them not to be sad because when they wake up on Christmas morning, they will have lots of great surprises.  The reindeer has to leave with Santa to help fly the sled to get him back home!  I love how much thought went into this whole idea.  I think it is such a great tradition to start with your kids.  It not only teaches them to be good, it gives them a great friend to take everywhere!

Another thing I love about this is that your child gets to name their reindeer.  There is a place in the book to write the name.  The child will feel so special and important that they had the responsibility to name their new friend.  Santa will certainly love any name they come up with.  I’m sure there will be some very “unique” names too.

I sure hope you enjoy a new Christmas family tradition with the “Reindeer in Here”.  You are going to love it!  Reindeer in Here will be available just in time for Christmas in July on Amazon and Hallmark (along with some other independent gift stores).

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MomFabFun: Start a new holiday tradition with Reindeer in Here

It may be the height of summer outside, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday season – especially when it comes to preparing for those common traditions that start on December 1. If you’re like me, you’re tired of Elf on the Shelf and having to compete with all of the Pinterest moms who go above and beyond with their hiding spots each day. And although the traditional messages of the nativity scene and advent calendar are important, I’m always looking for something with a modern message that truly resonates with my children.

Luckily I recently discovered Reindeer in Here, which is sure to be the newest holiday tradition in my house this holiday season and should be in yours, too! Created by dad author (and Hollywood TV producer) Adam Reed in 2017, Reindeer in Here features an adorable plush reindeer and book.

How is the story of Reindeer in Here different from the Elf on the Shelf or other similar holiday activities? Simply put, the Reindeer in Here is all about celebrating differences. This is evident right away because the cute stuffed reindeer has one antler smaller than the other. In addition, the other characters in the book are also a little “quirky and special.” For example, the snowman sports a candy-cane nose instead of a carrot, the penguins are cross-eyed and Cecelia the seal has a permanent smile! The book goes on to talk about the importance of friendship and accepting others as well as speaking up when you have an opinion or idea. The Reindeer’s courage to “think different” leads it to share an idea with Santa to help solve the problem of not knowing each child’s individual wishes at Christmas.

Another cool feature of the Reindeer in Here, in keeping with the message of openness and diversity, is that it is purposely not called he or she in the book — the child decides and chooses a name.

So how does it work? The Reindeer in Here arrives just after Thanksgiving and spends December with your family.  At night the reindeer writes notes to Santa to let him know the child’s true Christmas wishes. Then on Christmas Eve the child puts the reindeer under the tree to return to the North Pole, until next year. I think this will be a great opportunity to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas with my children and to have some valuable discussion about different types of wishes. For example, maybe one night we wish for a toy we want, and maybe another night we wish for a child less fortunate to have his or her wish granted. I can see much more opportunity to stress the message of generosity than simply guessing where the animal is the next day.

Last year, when Reindeer in Here first came out, it sold out in less than two hours on Black Friday! Amazon also named it an instant #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller. This year will be the FIRST year this unique product will be available in retail. Reindeer in Here will be sold in over 1,200 independent retailers, including many Hallmark stores and independent gift and toy stores during their “Christmas in July” events! This includes Hallmark’s Ornament Premiere week, which begins on July 14, as well as on for the last week of July. This will give parents like you and me early access to the product! Like I said, it’s never too early to start planning for this holidays!

BeingMVP: A Friendlier, Less Stressful Christmas Tradition with “Reindeer in Here”

Disclosure: My contributor received the following for review. All opinions are her own.
Unlike some people, I’ve never liked the idea of the Elf on the Shelf. I haven’t introduced it to my kids because I felt that a small, mischievous elf who spies on children contradicts the meaning of Christmas. On top of that, having to remember to relocate it every night seemed to be a lot of work. I have enough trouble just figuring out what to put in my kid’s advent calendar!
Last year, a new rival to the Elf on the Shelf came out called, Reindeer in Here. The book was created by Adam Reed, an author and father of two children. He was turned off by what he called the “creepy” little elf. His distaste for it inspired him to write the book “Reindeer in Here” in hopes of creating a new Christmas tradition that is friendlier for kids and less stressful for parents.
In Reed’s book, Santa wanted to learn more about every child but didn’t know how. A special reindeer who had one antler smaller than the other suggested to Santa that he sends a reindeer to each child’s home. There, the reindeer will live with and learn more about the children.  Every page in the book is filled with fantastic and detailed illustrations. The book’s soothing, rhyming words put me in the Christmas spirit because it reminded me of the well-loved story, The Night Before Christmas. I was impressed that the Reindeer in Here plush toy is well made and accented with cute little details. The expression on the plush’s face is friendly with its big blue eyes and gentle smile, versus the Elf on the Shelf’s mischievous, smug smile.
Since I’m not a fan of the Elf on the Shelf, I welcomed a friendlier, less creepy Christmas figure. Unlike the Elf on the Shelf who spies on children and tattles on them every night, Reindeer is Here wants to play with the kids and be part of their family and activities. And instead of having a “hands off” rule that comes with the Elf on the Shelf, kids are encouraged play with it during the day and cuddle with it at night. My kids found the soft plush reindeer adorable and loved the story too.
Reed was spot on when he created Reindeer in Here. A kind, warm-hearted, friendly Santa helper is truer to the Christmas spirit than a watchful spy who tattles on the kids. Plus, a tradition that doesn’t require parents to stress out about relocating something every night is a huge benefit! When I looked into ordering Reindeer in Here for my nieces and nephews, I could not find it anywhere. I’ve come to learn that when Reindeer in Here was first introduced on Amazon last year, it was so popular that it sold out in two hours!
This year, they are looking to have a bigger inventory of it. I can foresee a mad rush to get Reindeer in Here because I know that like me, many of parents are eager for a new family tradition that doesn’t involve intimidating children or nightly work for them. Thankfully, now it can be found at Hallmark stores during their Christmas in July Ornament Premiere events, and for the last week of July, on Amazon. But, when they’re gone, they’re gone, until the holidays, so if you want to get yours early, better get it now!
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Rave & Review: A Different Holiday Tradition: Reindeer in Here

Yes, I know it’s too early to be talking about Christmas, but hear me out on this one. Call it Christmas in July, if you will. I’m talking about a new Christmas tradition for families that’s full of fun and friendship, without any of the stress of other “magical” holiday traditions.

Last year, dad author and Hollywood TV producer, Adam Reed introduced a whole new holiday tradition with a small release of Reindeer In Here and his release sold out in less than 2 hours on Black Friday. Amazon named it an instant #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller, and it’s already caught the eye of many parents who love the tradition for its simplicity and what it stands for. So, this is your heads up that you should snag the hottest new Christmas tradition of the season well before holiday time.

Not your average Elf on a Shelf

I know the whole elf tradition with its late night to-do list isn’t for everyone, so here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for: A reindeer that does things a little differently. It’s called Reindeer In Here and still has all the magic of Christmas, only so much easier for busy families.

A Different Holiday Tradition

Instead of the reindeer “magically” coming to life to create messes around the house, Reindeer In Here is a simple concept. The reindeer is to be the first present of the holiday season from Santa and kids are encouraged to name their plush pal and make it their own. The reindeer comes with a storybook that explains that he/she will be visiting for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The story explains that many years ago Santa asked his reindeer for some help in learning about each child’s true Christmas wishes. Santa told his reindeer that even though he knew of children all over the world, he wanted to know each child better, and one little reindeer with uneven antlers suggested that they could help him out. So, it was decided that Santa would send one special little reindeer to stay with the children so he could learn as much as possible about each child and their family – where they live, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they do each day.

Then every night while the child sleeps with the reindeer next to him or her, the reindeer writes notes to Santa detailing their daily adventures. The child is encouraged to show their special reindeer around, taking it to a different place each day and on lots of adventures. Then on Christmas Eve, the child should put their reindeer under the tree so it can greet Santa when he visits. Santa will then use the reindeer to help guide his sleigh back to the North Pole. The tradition will continue each year when the child’s Christmas reindeer will return again in early December and stay to learn how each member of the family has changed since his last visit.

“Different is normal.”

You may have noticed that the little reindeer has one antler smaller than the other. It’s not a mistake, this Reindeer is just a little bit different. You will also find that supporting characters in the book have something a little different about them each as well. You will meet an adorable snowman named Cane with a candy cane nose instead of a carrot.

You’ll also fall in love with Zig and Zag, two cross-eyed penguins who’ve never walked straight. Then there’s Peeky the polar bear who sprouts just three hairs on his furry little head and Cecelia (Ce-Seal-Ya), the adorable seal with the permanent smile on her face no matter what the circumstance.

The Reindeer In Here tradition is about celebrating things that are different and appreciating them for their uniqueness. After all, we are all a little different and that is why we should take the time to get to know each other better, just as Santa is doing by sending his reindeer. I personally love this message and appreciate that it is now part of our new holiday tradition.

Where to find Reindeer In Here

Reindeer in Here will be sold in-store at over 1,200 independent retailers {no mass stores like Wal-Mart or Target}. In addition, you can find it at many Hallmark stores and independent gift stores during their “Christmas in July” events, including Hallmark’s Ornament Premiere week. You can also order it on Amazon during the last week of July for all those parents who missed out last year when the product sold out so quickly and want to get their hands on it early this year.

I know so many families who will flip for Reindeer In Here, not just for it’s simplicity and sweetness, but also for the underlying message that different is beautiful. I, for one, love the idea of Reindeer In Here because it’s no pressure and not just another thing on my long to-do list. We already go on so many holiday-inspired adventures and this just gives us another reason to get out and do as much as we can leading up to the holidays, which is a big huge plus for me.

The kids, of course, will love that the reindeer is snuggly and the perfect friend for all their holiday adventures. And, since they are all about holiday magic, they will certainly adore the magical nature of the Reindeer In Here tradition. Even though we also do Elf Magic here at Rave & Review, this new tradition is going to be the perfect addition to our holiday magic!

You can find out more at Reindeer In Here

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Mommy Block Party: Reindeer in Here: A Sweet New Christmas Friend & Tradition for Families

Thanks to Reindeer in Here for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.
It may not be looking a lot (or even a little) like Christmas right now, but everywhere I look, there are signs that Christmas is coming! Though I may not quite be ready for the holidays, I am already making holiday lists and plans, including the wonderful holiday traditions I enjoy participating in with my family. Our first holiday tradition begins the day after Thanksgiving, and this year, we’ll be joined by a brand new friend who will help us kick off a very special new tradition for the whole family.
Reindeer in Here is the perfect holiday tradition for every family!
If you’re familiar with Christmas traditions like elves on selves and such, you’re going to love Reindeer In Here. This adorable new Christmas tradition comes in the form of a beautiful story (bound in a book by Adam Reed), and a sweet, soft, and cuddly little plush reindeer. Reindeer In Here comes packaged in a lovely boxed gift set, and is being sold in thousands of stores such as Hallmark, as well as on Amazon (available now!).
We’ve certainly tried out other Christmas traditions, but this one is truly unique. I had the chance to preview Reindeer In Here (my kiddos haven’t seen it yet- and won’t until the holidays), and am in love with the story, the reindeer, and the tradition itself.
Reindeer in Here tells the story of Santa’s reindeer- the roles they play in helping Santa not only deliver toys and goodies to children on Christmas morning but help Santa get to know the children and find out what their true Christmas wishes are.
The reindeer has an important message which all children need to hear- we’re all different, and that makes us so very special. As the book begins, the reindeer is introduced to your child. The sweet little reindeer reminds kids that while Christmas is indeed a special day, so is every other day- a unique opportunity for them to be themselves and to do great things! The reindeer tells your children that he or she will be staying with them during the month of December and that they’ll have lots of fun adventures together! The reindeer also shows children that he/she has a lot of unique friends who all have their own quirks and are all amazingly wonderful- just like they are!
One of the reasons I love this story and tradition so much is because it truly focuses on the kids, and even helps parents get to know their kids on a deeper level. As a mom to a 7-year-old, I’ve already learned the harsh reality that kids can be truly cruel to one another, and have had to deal with hurt feelings in my own child. It really hurts a mother’s heart to see her child hurting. 9/10 times, the hurt feelings stem from another child picking on my child because he’s taller, bigger or (as is sometimes the case) smarter than the child picking on him. I can tell him all day long that he’s special and loved, and our differences make us unique, but it’s hard for a child that young to embrace that truth just because ‘mom says so.’ The reindeer embraces the fact that he/she has one antler shorter than the other… the reindeer is as unique as your child, and therefore, extremely relatable.
The sweet plush reindeer comes and lives with your family- befriends your child. Your child is encouraged (in the story) to name their reindeer, have daily adventures together, cuddle up and sleep together, and explore new places around the house each day. They can even write down the child’s true Christmas hopes and wishes together, so the reindeer can take those back to Santa each night during the reindeer’s visit.
Reindeer in Here has really opened my eyes as a mom. It’s a wonderful way to encourage me to reach out to my kids every day and remind them how very special they are- just the way they are. It’s also a wonderful way for us to celebrate the uniqueness of every person we meet & show them kindness, no matter what. This is such a powerful, timely message!
I know my kiddos are going to be so excited to meet and name their reindeer, and that they’ll have so many fun adventures together during the month of December. I can’t wait to witness (or hear about) some of the fun things they do! The Reindeer in Here gift set will be their very first gift of the holiday season from Santa! It’ll also be a gift to mom and dad, as we won’t have to stay up late, thinking of silly things for an elf to do! If you’ve ever had an elf come and stay with you for a month, you know what a headache that can present! I’m looking forward to making beautiful holiday memories with my kids, and our sweet new reindeer friend.
Reindeer in Here is available at a variety of retailers and is available now on Amazon. This is going to be a popular trend for the 2018 holiday season, so I’m so thrilled to have had the chance to tell you about it in advance! It’s already won several awards, and rightfully so! This is one holiday tradition you’ll definitely look forward to experiencing with your family!
Be sure to stop by Reindeer in Here to learn more and to stay updated on new products!
Connect with Reindeer in Here on Facebook, Twitter & IG.
Special thanks to Reindeer in Here for allowing me to share about this adorable gift set and new holiday tradition. Be sure to look for it in our MBP 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!
What are some of your family’s favorite holiday traditions? We’d love to hear how you’d incorporate Reindeer in Here during the 2018 holiday season!
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Honest Reviews: REINDEER IN HERE Eclipses Demand For Elf On The Shelf

REINDEER IN HERE won’t be available until Black Friday, and already the manufacturer is preparing for a sell-out.

It appears that in this first head-to-head matchup that pits the Reindeer against the Elf, it’s round one for the Reindeer.

REINDEER IN HERE was designed to be a friendlier and positive alternative to the Elf on the Shelf tradition, which many parents find to be negative in its approach to get children to behave before Santa’s arrival, but with no real viable and appealing alternative until this year.

“I set out to do a test market launch for REINDEER IN HERE this holiday season to prove viability of the product,” says Adam Reed, a new dad and REINDEER IN HERE’s creator. “I had no idea that in only eight days, the campaign would go viral, be embraced by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, have thousands of people following the Facebook page, and many more thousands clamoring to buy it.”

Reed produced a large but limited number of REINDEER IN HERE, to sell exclusively on Amazon for this Christmas. He intentionally marketed the product at the grassroots level to challenge the Elf, with an edgy #ShelfTheElf campaign, just to see the response. But before he knew it, the campaign was picked up by Newsweek,, PopSugar, Today’s Parent,, and more, and went viral.

Reed says consumers have reached out from the UK, Australia, and Canada. But because demand in the U.S. is so high, the Reindeer in Here supplier may not be able to get product directly to the other countries before Christmas.  However, he is working with Amazon to allow international buyers to purchase them on the U.S. site, and then have them shipped internationally.

“I have been overwhelmed with requests to purchase the product from every state in the country, as well as global interest from Canada, Australia, and the UK,” says Reed. “I wish I had thousands and thousands more pieces of product!”

REINDEER IN HERE works like this: After it arrives in early December, the Reindeer is designed to be the first gift of the holiday season for the kiddos.

Instead of staying put, like the Elf, the Reindeer is mobile: goes on adventures, engages in hobbies and spends quality time with the children. The toy just doesn’t sit on a shelf and spy.

“REINDEER IN HERE encourages interaction and positive reinforcement for good behavior, in addition to removing the stress of moving and hiding an elf every day. Rather than fear Santa’s holiday helper, children have a new friend to take where ever they go,” says Reed.

The demand has been so great, says Reed, he feels like the Cabbage Patch and Elmo makers must’ve felt during those crazes from years past, when thee toys become one of the hottest, and most sought-after items of the holiday season.

“I think consumer interest is so high because they are responding to a need that no one had filled until REINDEER IN HERE came along,” says Reed. “Elf on the Shelf is such a stress inducing and negative approach to Christmas that parents were longing for a positive alternative — REINDEER IN HERE is that alternative.”

Reed is currently working on a plan so that if the entire stock of REINDEER IN HERE does sell out, he can offer consumers the ability to be the first to pre-buy for next Christmas and ensure they get as many as they want.

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ALL THE MOMS: Heard of ‘Reindeer in Here’? It’s like ‘Elf on the Shelf’ but less work

Though he be plushy and cute, he be fierce, too.

This guy says: Step aside, Elf on the Shelf.

That’s right. “Reindeer in Here” wants parents to #shelftheelf.

Yup, this new toy basically wants to replace the elf. And considering how much parents seem to hate the elf, he might actually have a shot.

The Reindeer’s basically the same thing as the elf, except a lot less work for parents. Why?

Well for starters, kids get to touch and keep the reindeer with them for the whole month. They can even sleep with it.

No more jumping out of bed because you realized you forgot to re-locate the elf.

The Reindeer in Here website says this is a new tradition where Santa sends his own reindeers to befriend kids to learn as much about them as possible so Santa can get them the perfect Christmas gifts (if they’re good, of course.)

Kids are encouraged to take the reindeer anywhere they please! And on Christmas Eve, the plush goes underneath the tree to greet Santa and help guide him back to the North Pole.

Sounds cute and all, but my first thought is what if the kid loses the reindeer? That’s BOUND to happen. That’s going to be a lot of money spent on new reindeers. (On second thought, not such a bad business strategy.)

And totally copying the idea behind Elf on the Shelf? I don’t know. Sounds a bit shady to me. Or is it just improving old ideas? Who knows.

We’ll just have to wait and see if it catches on.

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99.1 KGGI: Goodbye, Elf on the Shelf. Hello, Reindeer in Here??

Elf On The Shelf Has Competition With “Reindeer In Here”

The holidays are almost here and that means Elf on the Shelf will soon be making his return to homes across the country. While some families look forward to the tradition of the scout elf hiding in different spots every night, others don’t care so much for his brand of Christmas cheer. That’s why one dad decided to create a rival for that elf and the Reindeer in Here was born.

Children’s author and father Adam Reed came up with the Reindeer in Here as a kind of anti-Elf on the Shelf. Instead of spying on the kids 24/7 for Santa and being off-limits for little hands to touch, the reindeer is “cute and cuddly” and comes to stay with families to learn about them and they can play with him, which kids are going to love.

“After naming their own reindeer, the child is encouraged to show it around, taking it to a different place each day, both inside and out of the house so that when Santa comes on Christmas Eve, he knows as much as possible about the child, how good they’ve been and exactly where to deliver the presents,” the official Reindeer in Here website explains.

They even have a chart pointing out the differences between that old Elf on the Shelf and the adorable Reindeer. Among the positives for the reindeer, “children interact with it, children move it, take it anywhere,” and “no stress for parents.” And that right there is a selling point for sure! If you’re an Elf on the Shelf family, have fun with that tradition. But it’s nice to have options, especially if they make it easier on mom and dad.

Would you try this new tradition?

View the full article here. Want to shelf the elf? Reindeer in Here ready to be your new holiday tradition

In what should be a joyous holiday season, few things bring more dread to parents than the Elf on the Shelf. Keeping up the popular holiday tradition is often additional work and stress for maxed-out families. But a Bakersfield native has an adorable alternative ready just in time for Christmas: Reindeer in Here.

Adam Reed, a television producer turned children’s author, came up with the idea two years ago when looking to start a tradition with his daughter, Peyton, who was set to celebrate her first birthday.

Looking into the elf, which parents must move each night to mimic its mischievous nocturnal activities, Reed said he wasn’t a fan.

“I saw how negative and creepy it was. There was no way in the world I was going to start that tradition with her.”

Luckily, he had some ideas. Along with producing TV shows such as “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” Reed was also a children’s author, having penned “Bee in the Sea” in 2015, which won Purple Dragonfly and Royal Dragonfly Book awards and was nominated for a Next Generation Indie Book Award.

He started brainstorming for a “brandable” character that represented the holiday season and was more approachable than an elf. Thus was born Reindeer in Here.

The story’s concept is akin to the popular elf tradition — Santa sends an emissary to check in on the child — but that’s where the similarities end. Instead of a troublemaking elf that must be moved by Mom or Dad each night, a plush reindeer sticks by the child’s side, learning about its young companion and sharing those details with Santa via nightly letters.

“In creating the story, I wanted to have something that the child could bond with. It spends the entire month of December with them.”

Even the animal’s design was intentional, with one antler smaller than the other.

“I wanted him to stand out. Rudolph stood out because he had a red nose.”

In testing the product, Reed sent out many book-and-plush sets to bloggers and reviewers, receiving positive feedback about how the reindeer’s difference supports a message of inclusiveness.

“It’s unique and special to show them they can be. … A physical difference, a personality difference, it’s very special to be different.”

The 41-year-old said building a career in television while also hanging onto his hometown roots — mom Patti and other family still live in Bakersfield — helped prepare him for this creative opportunity.

“It’s very strange for me in a way. I’ll always be a small-town boy.”

Based on the overwhelming response on the website ( and Facebook page, Reed decided to launch Reindeer in Here for the 2017 holiday season. With a newborn son and a full work schedule, Reed finalized the book and illustrations about six months ago and self-published it.

In order to avoid having to ship the units himself, he secured a deal with Amazon to distribute. Reindeer in Here will be available to the public the morning of Black Friday on the website. Folks who sign up for the mailing list on the Reindeer website will be notified by Thursday afternoon what time the product will go live on

After this limited run, Reed said his goal is to go mass market, getting the product into stores by next Christmas.

Along with more projects for his production company Thinkfactory Media — including the A&E Network special “Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives,” about famous bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth’s battle with throat cancer, airing Monday — Reed is cooking up more children’s book ideas and managing the Reindeer social media (with help from an assistant).

“I feel like I have two full-time jobs. I’m doing it all. Luckily our newborn is sleeping through the night.”

“I’ve already got the sequel ready for this. Four other brandable characters. I’m building this brand as big as possible. Everything else will fall in line after that.”

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PR News Channel: REINDEER IN HERE “Shelfs the Elf,” Selling out Initial Run in Under Two Hours

When Adam Reed, father and author, announced REINDEER IN HERE, a direct challenger to the popular Elf on the Shelf franchise, he knew it wouldn’t be easy. The social media campaign he created, #ShelfTheElf generated buzz for the story’s Black Friday 2017 release and quickly went viral. Within hours of becoming available on Amazon, REINDEER IN HERE sold out its initial large run and has instantly become an Amazon #1 New Release and Amazon Best Seller.

With only two weeks of promotion leading up to the Black Friday launch, through social media, blogs, and news reports, Reed never anticipated this level of demand, both domestically and internationally. This run of REINDEER IN HERE was intended to only be a large test run, gauging whether it was even possible to dethrone The Elf on the Shelf. Although exact numbers aren’t being released, it’s estimated that thousands of units sold, and REINDEER IN HERE has officially solidified its place as the only bonafide direct competitor to Elf on the Shelf.

Demand is now reaching a global scale with requests for product from the UK, Australia, Canada, and beyond.  Reed intends to scale REINDEER IN HERE for the mass market next holiday season.  His goal is to give every family a chance to experience what he hopes will be a new Christmas tradition for many years to come.

“I am humbled and grateful, that the product I initially intended to create for my own family has been adopted by so many thousands of other families across the country and world,” says Reed. “My goal was simple, create a yearly holiday tradition that would give children a Christmas friend throughout December that they can touch, hold and love; lessen stress on parents; and celebrate the spirit, magic, and tradition of Christmas in a way that an elf who stares at children and watches their every move cannot.”

Since its 2005 release, Elf on the Shelf has proven to be both a Christmas tradition and commercial success, leading holiday sales charts each year. As time wore on and its popularity grew, the story began to receive criticism from both parents and experts on child psychology.

The Elf billed as “Santa’s reporter” in the story, has become a dark mark on what should be a happy time of the year. Parents exhaust themselves finding new places to display the accompanying toy elf each day. Meanwhile, many children live in fear of this behavior as the elf sits quietly above them, watching their every move.

Psychologists have come out against using The Elf on the Shelf as a parenting tool, citing issues with fear-based good behavior and its ability to lead to other issues later in life.

After the birth of his daughter, Reed found himself looking for a Christmas tradition to start with his own family and quickly discovered that he too became one of the parents questioning the elf’s effectiveness. REINDEER IN HERE is his attempt at providing a friendlier, more positive tool for parents and children to get into the holiday spirit.  As the children bond with their Christmas friend the entire family creates a lasting Christmas tradition as everyone looks forward to REINDEER IN HERE coming back year after year.

“Not only have we shelved the elf,” says Reed. “But in doing so we’ve created LESS STRESS for parents and MORE CHRISTMAS for families across the globe.  I couldn’t be more proud of our little REINDEER IN HERE and all it has accomplished in such a short time.”

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