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❄ What Is It? ❄

Reindeer In Here is a CHRISTMAS FRIEND, sent by Santa as the FIRST GIFT of the holiday season. Each reindeer has been sent for the month of December to get to know each individual child and celebrate that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. Each day the child and the reindeer go on adventures as the reindeer learns about each child’s likes, dislikes, friends, family, dreams, desires, and most importantly their TRUE CHRISTMAS WISHES.

At night when the children take the reindeer to bed with them, the reindeer ‘write notes’ back to Santa detailing their daily adventures. For the entire month, Santa learns more and more about each child from his reindeer and what their true Christmas wishes are. On Christmas Eve, each child puts their reindeer underneath the tree so it can join Santa on his trip back to the North Pole. Once Santa delivers each child’s true Christmas wishes, he gathers his reindeer and heads off to the North Pole…until early next December when the reindeer arrive once more and the Christmas tradition begins again!

It’s the FIRST GIFT from Santa and it arrives EARLY
HOLD IT, love it, and INTERACT with it!
It HELPS SANTA get to know each child even better!
WRITES NIGHTLY NOTES to Santa about each child’s Christmas wishes
NO STRESS. Parents don’t have to move it!

Celebrates the message that DIFFERENT IS NORMAL
Children take it on DAILY ADVENTURES
Never loses its CHRISTMAS MAGIC
Each child NAMES their own reindeer

Dad made, parent approved!


How It Works

In early December the Reindeer In Here book and plush “magically” arrive for your child, setting the stage for a new yearly Christmas tradition.  It’s their FIRST gift of the holiday season from Santa — and it came early!  As the parent surprises their child with this unexpected early Christmas present, they introduce them to the special “untold” story of the reindeer.

As the story unfolds, the child learns that many years ago Santa asked his reindeer for some help in learning about each child’s true Christmas wishes. Santa told his reindeer that while he knew children all over the world, only some wrote him letters — so he wanted a way to KNOW EACH CHILD EVEN BETTER! One different little reindeer who was born with one antler smaller than the other and big blue eyes quickly suggested a different way to solve Santa’s conundrum. The little reindeer told Santa he should send his reindeer EARLY in the month of December to stay with the children so Santa could learn as much as possible about each child – where they live, what they like, what they do each day, where they go, who their family and friends are, and what their TRUE Christmas wishes are. Then every night while the child sleeps with the reindeer next to him or her, the reindeer writes notes to Santa detailing their daily adventures.

From that moment on, the bond begins with the child and their reindeer as they uncover what they should do with it every day leading up to Christmas. After naming their own reindeer, the child is encouraged to show it around, taking it on different adventures each day so that when Santa comes on Christmas Eve, he knows as much as possible about the child and can deliver their true Christmas wishes.

On Christmas Eve, the child will put their reindeer under the tree so it can greet Santa.  After Santa finds the reindeer, it will go with him to guide his sleigh back to the North Pole until next year — when the child’s Christmas reindeer will return in early December to see its friend once more!

This holiday tradition will unfold for many years to come as the child looks forward to that magical time of year when their very own special Christmas friend comes back to see them again!



The snowman with the candycane nose! Cane and Reindeer In Here are best of friends, but sometimes things can get a little sticky because as you know Reindeer In Here LOVES to eat candy canes, so Cane’s nose is a tasty tempting treat!

Peeky The Polar Bear

Peeky the polar bear only has three hairs on his head. His brothers Harry and Hawk (short for Mohawk) have a TON of hair. But that doesn’t stop Peeky from being the most precocious and fun polar bear at the North Pole! He loves to hide, seek, and peek around all things in the North Pole. Pay close attention in the book because he is always peeking around the corner!

Zig and Zag
the Cross-Eyed Penguins

Zig and Zag are two cross-eyed penguins that haven’t walked straight in quite a while. Zig is the momma penguin of little Zag. Zag wears glasses which keep him from falling into holes in the ice as he’s walking around. They are rarely seen apart and everyone at the North Pole loves them!

Cecilia (Sa-Seal-Ya)
the Seal With the Permanent Smile

Cecilia has never been seen not smiling. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance you will never see her frown. Always happy, always positive, always fun, and always the life of the party!

The Message


Every one of us in the world is different in our own special way. Different on the inside, different on the outside. Different in our hopes, dreams, and desires…and those differences should be celebrated. Reindeer In Here celebrates the differences in each and every one of us (whether human or reindeer). Santa could not be more proud that it took a DIFFERENT reindeer (with one antler smaller than the other) to come up with a DIFFERENT idea to solve Santa’s conundrum of how to get to know each individual child even better. Children are unique, reindeer are unique, and ultimately we are all unique. Reindeer In Here uses the magic of Christmas to help celebrate the uniqueness of each individual child through the idea that being DIFFERENT IS NORMAL.

The Message


Every one of us in the world is different in our own special way. Different on the inside, different on the outside. Different in our hopes, dreams, and desires…and those differences should be celebrated. Reindeer In Here celebrates the differences in each and every one of us (whether human or reindeer). Santa could not be more proud that it took a DIFFERENT reindeer (with one antler smaller than the other) to come up with a DIFFERENT idea to solve Santa’s conundrum of how to get to know each individual child even better. Children are unique, reindeer are unique, and ultimately we are all unique. Reindeer In Here uses the magic of Christmas to help celebrate the uniqueness of each individual child through the idea that being DIFFERENT IS NORMAL.

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      Book and Plush Box Set

      2018 Book – 10 New Pages!

      8” Reindeer In Here Plush

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      About The Author/Creator

      Adam Reed never had any intention of becoming a children’s book author. Before his daughter was born in 2015 and he became a dad, he had a dream. In it he heard a voice tell him two things: “write children’s books,” and the title of what would become his first book, BEE IN THE SEA.

      The next morning he woke up, and while at the gym on the treadmill he wrote that book, BEE IN THE SEA, from a literal stream of consciousness.  Not having any idea where it emanated from Adam came home and told his wife he thought he had written his first children’s book.  To both of their complete surprise, he had.  Over the next year he found his illustrator, revised, edited and completed the final version of the book.

      BEE IN THE SEA was then published and has since gone on to be awarded three first place Royal Dragonfly Awards, including Best New Author, a first place Purple Dragonfly Award, and a finalist award in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.   It is currently available on Amazon.

      After the success of BEE IN THE SEA, and about a month before his daughter turned one in January, Adam happened to be browsing in a store leading up to Christmas. He was looking for something to start creating holiday traditions with his family. As he browsed the aisles he was struck by the lack of holiday tradition brands with a positive core message available to families. There was a certain tradition that reigned supreme for years but Reed was aware of how stressful that tradition was for parents and how intimidating it had become for children. He vowed to himself that he wasn’t going to celebrate the Christmas spirit by intimidating his daughter, but instead by finding a way to celebrate her uniqueness.

      With that, he struck out to create a fresh NEW Christmas tradition not only for his family, but for children and families all over the world. In doing so he vowed to create a magical story, the most adorable Christmas plush, and a holiday brand that would bring a new meaning to family traditions at Christmastime for years to come. More importantly, his bigger goal — as he designed the main reindeer specifically with one antler smaller than the other — was to celebrate the differences and uniqueness of each individual child by giving each child an individual reindeer to make their own and help Santa learn what their true Christmas wishes are. His message was that being different is normal…we are all different, and those differences should be celebrated.

      Although never intending to be an author, Adam has always been a storyteller.  When not being a dad, he is CEO of Los Angeles-based Emmy nominated production company, Thinkfactory Media, one of the most prolific scripted and unscripted production companies in the business.  He has created and produced over 500 hours of television — producing such notable series including Gene Simmons Family Jewels (A&E), Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (WEtv), Mama June: From Not to Hot (WEtv), amongst many other scripted and unscripted hits.  He was the youngest producer ever to be listed in the Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive Reality Power List.

      Adam is also an accomplished commercial director, having been shortlisted at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, and having directed the largest campaign ever in the history of the Partnership for a Drug Free America.  That campaign was not only credited with curbing ecstasy use in America, but also garnered Adam national and international acclaim.  It went on to become one of the most successful commercial campaigns ever created.  Adam continues to direct commercials and collaborate with some of the leading advertising agencies in the world.

      Adam lives in Playa Del Rey, California with his wife and two children — his daughter Peyton and son Weston, who both of his books are dedicated to.

      The Buzz

      As featured in…

      Reindeer in Here doesn’t want to narc on your kids; he just wants to tag along until Christmas

      - Newsweek

      Reindeer in Here has officially solidified its place as the only bonafide direct competitor to Elf on the Shelf

      - PR News Channel

      One of the reasons I love this story and tradition so much is because it truly focuses on the kids, and even helps parents get to know their kids on a deeper level.

      - Mommy’s Block Party

      Full of fun and friendship, without any of the stress of other “magical” holiday traditions.

      - Rave and Review

      I can foresee a mad rush to get Reindeer in Here because I know that like me, many parents are eager for a new family tradition that doesn’t involve intimidating children or nightly work for them.

      - Being MVP

      Reindeer in Here is all about celebrating differences.

      - Mom Fab Fun

      You are going to love it!

      - Kelly’s Thoughts On Things

      In countdown to Christmas, Reindeer in Here gives Elf on the Shelf a run for its money

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      Reindeer in Here eclipses demand for Elf on the Shelf

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      .. Inviting the Reindeer into your home means no stress for parents

      - POPSUGAR

      Elf on the Shelf has a new rival – and you’re going to love him… He is cuddly and adorable

      - Today's Parent


      Celebrity Sightnings

      Mama June – WeTV’s “Mama June: From Not to Hot”

      Ronnie Ortiz-Magro – MTV’s “Jersey Shore”

      Mackenzie McKee – MTV’s “Teen Mom”


      Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley – Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County”

      News & Updates

      News and Updates


      I love going to everyone’s blogs to see what their Elf On The Shelf has been up to each night.  I guess it’s the magical feel of a mischevious little elf that makes it exciting.  I realize that not everyone feels my excitement when it comes to this beloved Christmas...

      Life of Dad: EPISODE 259 – ADAM REED

      ON THE SHOW Adam Reed talks with The Life of Dad After Show host, Art Eddy about how he came up with a new invention which started a new holiday tradition for his family and other families around the world. Adam also shares with Art how a children’s book came to him...

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      Wholesale Information

      If you are a retailer and would like to carry Reindeer In Here in your store and need wholesale information, please click on this link.


      What is the core message of Reindeer In Here?

      That being different is normal, and we believe that should be celebrated!

      Where can I buy Reindeer In Here?

      Reindeer In Here products are available here on our website, in independent gift and toy retailers including select Hallmark and Learning Express stores, and on Amazon. Check out our storefinder on our website to find the store nearest you!

      Should I get one book and plush set for the whole family or does each child want their own reindeer?

      Although Reindeer In Here was intended for each child to have their own reindeer plush and make it uniquely their own, families can certainly decide to have one reindeer that all children in the family can share.

      What comes in the box set?

      The Reindeer In Here storybook and the 8” plush reindeer.

      Can I buy reindeer by themselves so each of my children can have one?

      Yes of course, we sell the reindeer plush by itself. Many families by one box set, and then multiple reindeer, to give one to each child.

      Can I personalize the book for my child?

      Yes you can. There is a place in the book so the child can write their own name, and their reindeer’s name. Many families buy multiple books so each child can have their own book with their own name and their reindeers name in it, so they can hand it down for generations.

      Do you sell the book alone?

      We do, in retail and on Amazon.

      When is the reindeer supposed to visit each child, and when does it go back to the North Pole?

      The reindeer can arrive any time after Thanksgiving, although the book says early December. The reindeer stays with each child until Christmas Eve when the child puts it under the tree so Santa can pick it up and take it back to the North Pole and deliver each child’s true Christmas wishes. We have many ancillary products that Santa and the reindeer can leave behind to open Christmas morning so the child can have a little piece of Reindeer In Here with them all year-round, until their reindeer returns next year!

      Do you have an unlimited amount of product this year?

      All products for 2018 is limited quantity so get yours before the Christmas rush! Last year we sold out on Amazon in UNDER TWO HOURS!

      How many products do you have available this year?

      14 total products including the book and plush set, the plush alone, book alone, and 11 other ancillary items so your children can have a piece of Reindeer In Here with them all year round.

      What’s the difference between the book and plush set you sell on vs in retail or on Amazon?

      Nothing is different about the actual book and plush set. However, when you buy the set on it get shipped in a magical box that looks like it came directly from the North Pole. These boxes are LIMITED EDITION for 2018 and will only be sold on Once they are sold out there will be no more for 2018.

      What are our customer service hours?

      Our customer service is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year through email at Please allow up to one business day for a reply especially during the Holiday Season as traffic may increase.

      What is our return policy?

      Due to high demand we will not be offering any refunds on any order after December 1, 2018. You may return the product at any time prior to December 1, 2018 for a full refund minus the shipping and handling costs.

      What is our cancelation policy?

      We accept same day cancelation on any order with no questions asked.

      What is our shipping policy?

      If the shipping address cannot be verified through our shipping provider (USPS, Fedex, etc.), then we will contact you to confirm the address and place the order on hold. If we receive no reply from you within three business days, then the order will be cancelled and you will be notified.

      How long does it take for me to receive the product once I place an order?

      Order processing time is one business day. With standard, $4.99 flat rate shipping, you will receive you order in 4-7 business days; for $9.99 expedited shipping, you will receive your order in 3-5 business days.

      How many awards has Reindeer In Here won?

      We have won nine awards this year alone including a gold Mom’s Choice award, Best Book of the Year for Creative Child Magazine, and the prestigious National Parenting Center seal of approval.

      What is the recommended age group for Reindeer In Here?

      Age 0 to 10 – or anyone who believes in Santa.

      Will we be coming out with new products?

      Absolutely. We will have new magical products every Holiday Season…and beyond!

      How do I buy wholesale for my retail store?

      Please contact our wholesale distributor here for more info:

      Send us a letter!

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