After such a wonderful holiday season with Reindeer In Here, we have the perfect way for your child to wake up on Christmas day: with a personalized letter from Santa or Reindeer In Here! Just download one of the letters, and make another magical memory reading it to your child on Christmas Day. Check out the letters below!

Letter From Reindeer In Here

We hope your child has made some amazing memories with Reindeer In Here! Since it’s almost time to go back to the North Pole with Santa, we have a special letter from Reindeer In Here to your child to say good-bye until next December. Just download the letter and leave it under the tree for a special surprise on Christmas Day!

Letter From Santa

After such a fun holiday season together, might your child want to keep Reindeer In Here all year ’round? Although most Reindeer go back to the North Pole, we know that some children want to keep them and that’s okay…we love that you make the tradition your own and Santa has good news! Here is an official letter from Santa saying that your child can keep Reindeer In Here all year long! Just download the letter, leave it under the tree, and get ready for many more memories with Reindeer In Here all year!

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