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Amy & Aron’s Real Life Reviews: Reindeer In Here- A Christmas Tradition For Your Whole Family

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you have passed along to your children and the next generation? We have so many. There are foods that only get made on the holidays, the family that we only get to see, and so much more. One new tradition that I think is absolutely adorable is the Reindeer In Here.

You know how much I love Christmas. I do love having all of the family and everything that goes along with it. When I find something worthy of sharing with you guys, I get so excited. This is one of those things.

I’m going to be completely honest but there was a point in this story that I had to slow down and catch my breath to keep from crying. This is so sweet and so involving, I love it. Kids can even name their reindeer.

What’s in the box?

The Reindeer In Here set comes with a plush reindeer and a storybook.

Why is this so special? That is something I asked myself before the set got here. I knew that Reindeer In Here promotes differences. Not everyone is the same. I love covering inclusion themed products. This little reindeer was a tiny reindeer and the antlers aren’t the same.

When kids have a physical difference than other kids it can be a worrisome topic. It doesn’t have to be. Each child, just like the small reindeer is different. Them message this company is sending is a beautiful one.

Every one of us in the world is different in our own special way. Different on the inside, different on the outside. Different in our hopes, dreams, and desires…and those differences should be celebrated. Reindeer In Here celebrates the differences in each and every one of us (whether human or reindeer). Santa could not be more proud that it took a DIFFERENT reindeer (with one antler smaller than the other) to come up with a DIFFERENT idea to solve Santa’s conundrum of how to get to know each individual child even better. Children are unique, reindeer are unique, and ultimately we are all unique. Reindeer In Here uses the magic of Christmas to help celebrate the uniqueness of each individual child through the idea that being DIFFERENT IS NORMAL.

This hits me right in my feelings. I have children with differences. I am an individual with differences! It’s amazing to be able to confidently celebrate the differences instead of feeling shame or embarrassment from it. I know this is a Christmas toy but, it really goes so much deeper than that. I love it!!

How To Make It A Tradition?

The Reindeer in Here is an early gift from Santa that comes out for the whole month of December. Santa’s goal is to get to know each and every child better. Every day, the child gets to show the reindeer something new. A new adventure. Something special in their life.

The story is so cute and only takes a few minutes to read too. The illustrations are adorable and show a great story even for the little guys that can’t read on their own yet. The whole set is absolutely adorable.

On Christmas Eve the special mission is to get your reindeer under the tree so it can go back to the north pole with Santa and the other reindeer and prepare for the next year. Next December 1st when Santa sends the early gift of your reindeer, your little one will be able to fill them in on all of the happenings of the year and share all new adventures.

This is a wonderful way to bring a new tradition to the family. I absolutely love it!!!

You can find Reindeer In Here on their website and social media.


I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves-
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Better Homes & Gardens: Reindeer in Here Is the Holiday Tradition You’ll Want to Start This Year

As a busy mom of two young girls, I’m always looking for creative and fun ways to celebrate the Christmas season with as little stress as possible. Enter Reindeer in Here. Designed to help spread holiday cheer and help Santa get to know your child, each adorable stuffed reindeer comes complete with a heartfelt holiday story about embracing our differences. What a wonderful message for the holidays (and all year!).

The reindeer puts it best: “To be different is normal,” he says. “I’ve got one antler small. Thinking different will fix this problem once and for all!”

I’ve found that incorporating the reindeer into holiday activities is pretty simple. At the beginning of December, your reindeer is sent to you from the North Pole. During the month, the reindeer tags along on Christmas outings, adventures, and everyday snuggles. We’ve brought him along on playdates and volunteer outings. While with your family, the reindeer writes letters to Santa about each child’s Christmas wishes and shares how they’re celebrating the holiday season. On Christmas Eve, the reindeer travels back to Santa at the North Pole—just in time for Christmas.

I’m not the only one who loves this new holiday tradition. Reindeer in Here has 98 percent five-star ratings on Amazon, and it sold out very quickly last year! One reviewer even called it a “godsend.” I’m just grateful it doesn’t require any nightly moving!

Our sweet Reindeer in Here has earned a coveted spot on my daughter’s bed—and in our Christmas routine.

Buy it: Reindeer in Here, $32.99

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ROMPER: The Reindeer In Here Will Inspire Your Kid To Behave, Without Giving You A Holiday Headache

Every parent wants to give their child a sense of magic and wonder during the holidays, and for millions, that wonder includes posing a certain red-clad doll around the house to supervise the festivities. But if you’re looking for a more hassle-free way to delight your kids this season, there’s a new option: The Reindeer in Here is a new holiday toy that provides the fun for kids, without the stress for parents.

Created by a TV producer and dad who was looking for a new Christmas tradition for his two young children, the Reindeer is a wide-eyed plush toy with an accompanying storybook explaining its origins. As the official Reindeer in Here site explains, parents can give the fuzzy friend to their child right at the start of the holiday season as Santa’s first gift. Kids are encouraged to take the deer with them throughout the day, so he can learn more about them, their families and friends, and their favorite things. He reports back to the North Pole every night, all the better to help St. Nick select just the right gifts to deliver. On Christmas Eve, the Reindeer should be put under the tree, where Santa will take it back home until the next year.

Not to discourage the Elf on the Shelf fans; there’ll always be a place in our heart for the little guy. But for parents who need a break from the nightly strategizing, or who just want to bring something different to their celebrations, the Reindeer in Here is a terrific choice. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. You Don’t Have To Pose It

No more poring over Pinterest trying to find new places to put the toy. (Tree? Done that. In the fridge? No room.) No more springing out of bed at 1 a.m. to move the elf because you forgot, and you don’t want to face the kids’ accusing looks as they tell you, “Hey, Sparkles was here yesterday!” Nope, the Reindeer in Here eliminates that migraine-inducing tradition completely. All the tradition asks is that your child take the reindeer “on different adventures each day.” For a preschooler, “adventure” can translate to “burying it under a pile of LEGOs” or “going to Target.” (Just don’t leave the deer behind in the shopping cart.)

2. It’s Not Creepy

Rather than giving a miniature spy permission to report on your kids’ good (or bad) behavior to a major authority figure, the Reindeer focuses on a “positive core message.” Instead of keeping track of every time the kids sneak a sugar cookie, it sends nightly notes to Santa about the child’s personality and preferences. Parents can write the notes on behalf of the deer, but this is strictly optional.

3. It Celebrates Differences

If you look closely at the Reindeer in Here, you’ll notice that one of its antlers is slightly shorter than the other. That’s not a manufacturing defect; that’s part of what makes the toy special. The toy is intended to teach children that “being different is normal,” and that their own individual traits are something to be proud of. According to the story, the Reindeer is also the one who thinks outside the box and finds a way to help Santa become better acquainted with the children on his list. Since kids don’t write him many letters anymore, the deer volunteers to be the one to get to know the kids and send his findings up to the North Pole.

4. It Won’t Break Your Budget

The Reindeer in Here is available in selected retail outlets or online; the toy alone is $20 in stores or $22 on Amazon. You can also get the book and toy shipped in a festive box for $34 through the website. Other options include just the Reindeer in Here: A Christmas Friend book, or a package of coloring and activity books. There’s also a “Best Friend Bundle” featuring the Reindeer’s snowman bud, Cane; a “Night Before Christmas” bundle that includes a cookie plate for Santa and another for reindeer treats; a cute baby blanket; or even a three-pack of fuzzy thermal reindeer socks.

5. It Won’t Get Forgotten After New Year’s

Unlike your kids’ other stuffed animals that get tossed under the bed or left in the corner of the den, the Reindeer is a holiday-only toy that goes back to Santa on Christmas Eve, where it stays until next December. So you all can bid the cute deer a fond farewell after just a few weeks of playing (when the initial excitement will have worn off anyway), and your child will have the fun of anticipating its return when the holidays roll around again.

View the full article here. One year after online Christmas sensation, hometown Reindeer in Here author returns to Bakersfield for book signing

Last year, Bakersfield native Adam Reed’s Christmas book and plush toy combination, Reindeer in Here, sold out on Amazon in less than two hours. This year, Reed hopes to make an even bigger splash.

“It’s just surreal to see it all take off,” he said in a phone interview. “No one has done what Reindeer in Here has done as a brand pretty much ever.”

Reed came up with the idea for Reindeer in Here about two years ago. He pictured it as an alternative to the popular Elf on the Shelf picture book and toy, in which parents move a toy elf each night, who reports back to Santa Clause about the child’s behavior.

“It wasn’t positive,” Reed said about the elf. “For me it wasn’t right. So I really went home and set out to create a positive tradition for children.”

The result of his efforts was Reindeer in Here, a cheerful book about a reindeer sent by Santa to a child’s home to get to know him or her, and report back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve so Santa can give the child the best presents possible. The book comes with a reindeer plush toy that children can carry around with them wherever they go, unlike the elf from Elf on the Shelf, which is supposed to be untouched by kids throughout the holiday season.

“The true message of the book is that every child is different, and that being different is normal,” Reed said. “If you look at the pictures with kids, they literally fall in love with this reindeer.”

Last year, the book and toy were only available on Amazon. The combo debuted on Black Friday, completely selling out in less than two hours, and becoming a Number 1 bestseller on the biggest retail website in the world.

Now Reed hopes to make the product, which sells for around $32 on Amazon, the largest Christmas brand on the planet.

He has expanded to 1,200 independent retailers and has visited several states as part of a national book tour.

He will host a book signing event in Bakersfield as part of the tour from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, at Bobbi’s Hallmark located at 8200 Stockdale Hwy.

“I’m excited about it,” he said. “I’m proud to be from Bakersfield. It’s why I am who I am. I grew up a small town boy and I’m still in my heart a small town boy with traditional values.”

Following this holiday season, Reed hopes to make the brand even bigger by introducing new elements to the story. He hopes to expand into big box stores soon, and take the product international.

Despite the success of the product, Reed cannot devote all his time to Reindeer in Here. He has a full time job as CEO of the television production company ThinkFactory Media, which has produced programs like History’s “Hatfields & McCoys” and Bravo’s “Million Dollar Matchmaker.”

Reed has two young children at home, including a three-year-old daughter, Peyton, whom he wrote the book for in order to create a Christmas tradition with her.

“It’s magical how she reacts to it,” he said. “Sometimes I don’t just take a moment to enjoy it, but it really is magical, and I’m so lucky and blessed to have kids this age to see it all unfold.”

He said he has only reached a tenth of the brand strategy that he had planned, and he hopes to build on the success the product has already generated.

If the past is any indication, much more could be to come from the reindeer with the Bakersfield origins.

“If you look at the gift and toy industry you will be hard pressed to find any children’s brand or holiday brand that went from being online one year and 1,200 stores the next year,” Reed said. “I knew it was going to resonate. I didn’t know it was going to resonate so quickly and at this level.”

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TODAYS WOMAN: Reindeer in Here an Elf on the Shelf Alternative

It is that time of the month. No, not that time of the month ladies! It is the time where everyone is sharing Elf on a Shelf pictures.  I never bought into the whole Elf on the Shelf. Some of my family members have and I am cool with that. We are just not a scout- elf family and never will be.  It is just too time consuming. Our busy lifestyle does not permit it.  In fact even “The Irish Fairy Door” was short lived. Plus there are other reasons. I won’t make this an anti-elf post though. With all that said I was looking for an alternative to the Elf ON the Shelf Craze when I stumbled upon Reindeer in Here the first week of November.

About Reindeer in Here

Like me, Dad and children’s book author Adam Reed was looking to start a Christmas tradition with his daughter. From there Reindeer in Here was born. It was out of  Reed’s desire to create a positive alternative to Elf on the Shelf.  Kudos to Adam!

Since its creation Reindeer in Here has won several awards from parenting organizations such as a GOLD Mom’s Choice, Creative Child Magazine’s Best Book of the Year, Toy Insider’s Top Holiday Toy, and the prestigious National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!

Unlike Elf on the Shelf children are encourage to love, cuddle and take their reindeer with them wherever they go.  The little reindeer is a friend of Santa and shares children’s wishes to Santa, unlike Elf on the Shelf who is a scout for Santa, reporting on children’s behavior.

What you may find appealing is that you don’t have to move the reindeer at night like you do with Elf on the Shelf. In fact children are encourage to sleep with their new reindeer friend, and believe me when I say they will want to. Who wouldn’t want to sleep with a cuddly reindeer?

At night when your child takes the reindeer to bed with them, the reindeer ‘write notes’ back to Santa detailing their daily adventures. This way throughout the month of Dec, Santa can learn about the uniqueness of each individual child and help Santa deliver to them on Christmas Eve their true Christmas wishes.

On Christmas Eve, children put their reindeer under the tree so that Santa can take him or her back to the North Pole, where they’ll live until Dec 1st of the following year.

Reindeer In Here Storybook

Included with the reindeer is a storybook written by Adam Reed and illustrated by Izzy Bean that tells the charming tale of how this adorable reindeer’s early arrival came to be. The book shows diversity not just in the pictures of the children, but in the illustrations of the reindeer, too. And If you look closely at the plush reindeer, you’ll notice that one of her (his) antlers is slightly shorter than the other.

I actually forget that the reindeer was arriving, so when he arrived on my doorstep it was a surprise to me as well. Reindeer In Here arrived in a exclusive “Direct from the North Pole” shipping box. I love this idea as Miss P believes that her reindeer came directly from Santa himself!  Perhaps he did? Also in the box is a note from Santa about Reindeer In Here.

Our thoughts

Our package arrived a day late, but Miss P is super excited to have her here with us. She has decided to name her reindeer Cuddles. While she has only been here with us a day Miss P and Cuddles have been inseparable. Overall, I look forward to this holiday tradition unfolding with my daughter for many years to come.

Are you doing Elf on the Shelf or Reindeer in Here?



Although never intending to be an author, Reed has always been a storyteller. When not being a dad, he is President of Los Angeles-based Emmy nominated production company, Thinkfactory Media, one of the most prolific scripted and unscripted production companies in the business. He has created and produced over 500 hours of television — producing such notable series including Gene Simmons Family Jewels (A&E), Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (WEtv), Mama June: From Not to Hot (WEtv), and Sun Records (CMT). He was the youngest producer ever to be listed in the Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive Reality Power List.

Adam is also an accomplished commercial director, having been shortlisted at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, and having directed the largest campaign ever in the history of the Partnership for a Drug Free America. That campaign was not only credited with curbing ecstasy use in America, but also garnered Adam national and international acclaim. It went on to become one of the most successful commercial campaigns ever created. Adam continues to direct commercials and collaborate with some of the leading advertising agencies in the world.

View the full article here.

MOM FAB FUN: New Reindeer in Here Products: Just in Time for the Holidays!

Last summer I had the opportunity to share a very special product with you: Reindeer in Here

This cuddly, unique alternative to the traditional Elf on the Shelf tradition celebrates the uniqueness of every child and celebrates differences. I’m excited to share that, just in time for Christmas, Reindeer in Here is offering several additional products to complement the original book and plush gift set!

Available now are two sizes of the Reindeer in Here plush that can be ordered on their own (so siblings can each have their own cuddly friend). The cute figure is available in 8-inch ($21.99)or 13-inch

($35.99) sizes. The book ($15.99) can also be ordered individually.

I decided to try one of the more intriguing new products: the Ceramic Wishing Jar ($23.99). This 3-D limited edition jar is embossed with all of the characters from the Reindeer in Here book. It also comes with 24 wishing cards on which children (and adults!) can write their Christmas wishes. I loved the idea of having conversations with my kids about the true meaning of Christmas and creating concrete and abstract “wishes” that we could store in the jar and discuss. I of course allowed them to use a few to highlight the big toys they want this year, too!

In addition, I couldn’t pass up the adorable Reindeer in Here thermal slipper socks with rubber grips ($14.99). These come in youth size 5-9 and will keep your little ones’ toes toasty throughout the holidays and beyond! They are available in two styles: Reindeer in Here (pictured below) or Cane the Snowman.

If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season, consider the Reindeer in Here plush figure and book along with one or more of these additional accessories. The message of acceptance and friendship behind this product is a perfect fit for this time of year and a fantastic starting point for conversations with your little ones about being inclusive.

My kids absolutely loved creating wishes for the wishing jar! Your family will love it too – simply visit to purchase these products and other high-quality Reindeer in Here products.

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SYRACUSE MOMS BLOG: Reindeer in Here-Taking over Elf on the Shelf

Have you heard of Reindeer in Here? He’s this adorable little Reindeer that will replace the creepy Elf on the Shelf.  The message is, being different is normal. Now this is something that I can stand behind.

Reindeer in Here was created by a dad who wanted to share the story of how it’s okay to be different and how special that is. Reindeer in here is a plush reindeer that the children can hug and carry around with them. He’s meant to replace the elf on the shelf by coming to your house on Decemeber 1st and staying with your kids until Christmas Eve when he helps Santa return to the north pole.

My girls each have one and when I say they are obsessed, it’s an understatement. They love how cute and cuddly he is. They named their reindeer Snickers, Goldie and Santa Claus Girl.  Not only is the reindeer cute and cuddly, it comes with this colorful storybook explaining everything about the tiny reindeer. It’s a great story with an even better message, being different is okay.

Reindeer in Here is different because his antlers are not the same size. The books illustrates that we are all different, on the inside and the outside. It let’s children know that it’s okay to be different and now they have this little reindeer who is different. It’s just such a warm feeling.

One of my favorite parts about him and you may also agree, you don’t have to move him and come up with some elaborate hiding spot. If you are anything like me, you’re not as much of a Pinterest mom and more of an Amazon prime mom, so coming up with creative places for the elf was not one of your stronger qualities. Plus, the kids couldn’t touch the elf.  Your kids can keep the cute reindeer in bed with them as Reindeer in Here will write Santa a letter each night.

You should check @reindeerinhere out!

As always, thank you for following along! Leave me a comment below if you are an Elf on the Shelf fan or Reindeer in Here fan!

View the full article here.

MOM SPOTTED: “Reindeer In Here” Box Set Is A New Magical Family Christmas Tradition

Christmas is right around the corner and my kids are so excited. Even though it isn’t quite Thanksgiving I have already started to sneak out some Christmas decor. We have so many great family traditions around Christmas. I make sugar cookies with my kids and we take plates of them to neighbors. We have a certain hill we love to go sledding on after a good powdery snowfall. We also make my grandma’s special muffin recipe every Christmas Eve while we open pajamas and a new ornament. Christmas is magical and I am always looking for great new traditions for my family. “Reindeer In Here” will for sure be one of my kid’s new favorite traditions. Reindeer in Here is a gorgeous box set that comes with a darling Reindeer ready for snuggling and a really cute book that your kids will love.

Reindeer in Here made its debut last year on Black Friday and in just two hours it was completely sold out on Amazon! It has been awarded nine national honors and is now the “Most Awarded Christmas Tradition Brand of 2018. Unlike other traditions that sit on shelves and aren’t allowed to be touched, this sweet little Reindeer is all about the cuddles!

The Reindeer In Here “magically” arrives at your doorstep as your kid’s first official gift of the season from Santa. The packaging is absolutely amazing. The box makes it clear that this present is directly from Santa himself and should be handled with care. It also hints that a new “Christmas Friend” is inside. It also has a note on the inside of the box from Santa!

Reindeer In here is a story about why it is normal to be different and that being different is what makes you special! There are so many cute characters like a snowman with a candy cane nose. It is your kid’s job to give your special Reindeer a name then the adventures can begin. The Reindeer can go on all of your adventures this holiday season. He can be snuggled, cuddled, played with, and will hear all of your kid’s Christmas wishes to tell Santa.

Reindeer In Here is the perfect gift this holiday season. Your kids will love how sweet, soft, and darling the Reindeer is. The book is also so great and the pictures are awesome. They will love the book and giggle along with the story.

The Reindeer In Here website can help you find a retailer near you to purchase your own box set or you can find it on Amazon. Order this new Christmas friend asap so your kids can start adventuring with their own Reindeer that will tell Santa all of their Christmas wishes.

View the full article here.

Burrito Buzz: Reindeer In Here

Move over Elf on the Shelf- there is a new tradition in town! Reindeer In Here has replaced the late night mess making elf, the alarms in your phone labeled “move elf” (don’t ask me how I know these exist) and the “don’t touch or [it] will lose its magic”.

Adam Reed released Reindeer In Here when he couldn’t find a Christmas tradition that fit the bill of what he was wanting. While yes, there is Elf on the Shelf, but like stated already above- stressful stressful stressful and NOT what the Reed Family wanted for their kids. So Reindeer In Here was born.

It is sold as a plush and book gift set and the story is precious! The reindeer has antlers that are different lengths to teach children that different is okay! The reindeer is meant to be the first gift sent from Santa and unlike Elf on the Shelf, children are ENCOURAGED to take the reindeer with them everywhere so that it can “learn” about each child’s uniqueness. While Elf on the Shelf spies on children, Reindeer In Here encourages the children to confide in their reindeer so that Santa can get to know them better. The reindeer “writes” letters back to Santa nightly (no real letters need to be written) and children place the reindeer under the tree on Christmas Eve for Santa to take back to the North Pole with him.

Honestly, this is the best tradition you could start and seeing as how Reindeer In Here has over 9 awards and has been named the 2018 Most Awarded Holiday Tradition Brand I’d think it’s safe to say- you won’t be disappointed.

View the full article here.

Entrepreneur: How a Guy With No Experience Invented ‘Reindeer in Here’ and Created a Black Friday Record-Breaker

Sometimes your most vivid dreams vanish from your memory within seconds of your alarm going off. And sometimes, they stick around with you all day. Such was the case for TV producer Adam Reed, who had a dream about a children’s book in the middle of the night that nagged him so much that he wrote the entire thing on his phone while running on a treadmill the next morning. (“When I showed it to my wife, she said ‘You were clearly at a bar, not the gym,” Reed said, laughing.)

The book was called Bee in the Sea, which he self-published for fun. Reed never had any intention of becoming a children’s book author, nor did he foresee what would come next: becoming an award-winning toymaker. That first book led to Reed writing a second book, and creating a plush toy to go with it called Reindeer in Here. The book and toy combo debuted last year and sold out on Amazon within two hours on Black Friday. This year, Reed is going big with his big-eyed friend, expanding from online-only into 1,200 retail stores, including Hallmark and Learning Express.

Reed spoke with Entrepreneur about the birth of his idea and what it takes to grow and build momentum on a couple of hours of sleep a night.

What the elf?

“The idea for Reindeer in Here started when I was shopping in Kohl’s. I came across a wall of Elf on the Shelf stuff. I was thinking, ‘This has got to be the best thing since sliced bread!’ Now, I’m not here to bash it, it is an amazingly successful product that has clearly connected to millions of people, but when I opened a box, I had a bit of a visceral reaction. I thought that if I brought this home to my daughter, it would scare the crap out of her! You’re not supposed to touch the elf, and it is reporting back to Santa if you do bad things. It all felt negative. I literally put it back on the shelf. I wanted a holiday tradition for me and my family, but it didn’t feel right. Then I started doing my research and realized that there are millions of families out there who also don’t feel it’s right for them. So I set out to create an alternative — a positive one.”

A Christmas friend, not a spy

“The concept of Reindeer in Here is that it is a friend that a child carries around with them, and it “sends notes” to Santa at night that tells him what the child loves, who their friends are — things that will help Santa know the child better and help him know what they’d really love to get under the tree. But the bigger message of the toy and the book is that is that ‘being different is normal.’ Being different isn’t special, it is normal. That’s why you may notice that the Reindeer has one antler that is shorter than the other. And that message is what really resonated last year.”

So you have a great idea, now what?

“I didn’t know how to make a plush toy, I did not know how to package it — I didn’t know how to do any of this! So I just did a bunch of research on my own. I’d go to my day job, come home at night and spend some time with my family, and then from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. sit on the couch researching, reaching out to China and trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, I ended up being able to source everything I needed: I sourced the plush, self-published the book, found a box designer — I put all of those elements together and then basically I gambled a lot of money to bring it to market at a very expensive cost. It cost me double what I sold it for just to bring it to market. But that was OK because I wanted to test the market and in my gut knew there was a need.”

Black Friday bonanza

“Last year, we sold out in under two hours on Amazon on Black Friday. We became a number-one new release and number-one bestseller instantly. Three days after we sold out, I had 5,000 people signed up on email, basically begging me to get one. And I didn’t have any more! They were selling for $300 on eBay. They’re $29.99 retail, $32.99 on Amazon and This year, we’re hopefully prepared. We’re going to be in over 1,200 retail stores. Last year’s revenue was in the tens of thousands, this year revenue will be in the millions.”

Holiday stress

“We’ve had great success, but to be very candid, I wake up every morning with a knot in my stomach. Here’s why: Yes, we’ve sold through to 1,200 retailers and they have it and they can’t return. So that’s great. I’m not worried about online sales, but if it doesn’t sell through in retail, it’ll be much tougher next year. So I’m getting about three hours of sleep because now we’re in crunch time — we’ve been preparing for eight months leading up to this moment and I need to do everything I can to make sure it sells through.”

Making it easy for retailers

“Retailers are busy — they don’t have the time to go create social media posts and videos and all of that. So I wanted to make it easy on them. This year I created an entire retailer toolkit: photos, videos, an animated piece that they can play in their stores. And that’s part of the reason retailers responded to it. They usually have people just give them a product and that’s it. So we’re helping them sell. And with these assets, now all of these retailers are helping us grow a grassroots marketing PR campaign around the Reindeer as a new Christmas tradition. It’s fantastic.”

View the full article here.

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