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Magical North Pole Shipping box w/Book & Plush Set

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LIMITED EDITION SHIPPING BOXThis magical North Pole shipping box is limited edition, limited quantity for 2018 and ONLY available on It comes complete with a letter printed on the inside of the box from Santa explaining what each child should do with their own Reindeer In Here. Your children will be amazed at how Santa created this special box to ship just to them.

A CHRISTMAS FRIEND: Reindeer In Here (book and plush set) is a Christmas friend sent by Santa as the first gift of the holiday season to get to know each child and celebrate that being different is normal. The children are encouraged to take the reindeer plush with them anywhere and everywhere on daily adventures so that it can learn about the uniqueness of each individual child and help Santa deliver their true Christmas wishes.

A POSITIVE CHRISTMAS TRADITION: Reindeer In Here was created by a dad who wanted a POSITIVE Christmas tradition for his children that celebrates their individuality and the message that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. It’s a positive experience for children, and instead of spying on your kids for Santa (like a certain elf), Reindeer In Here helps Santa get to know them better!

FAMILY TRADITION: Begin your family’s magical Christmas tradition as the reindeer show up in early December to stay with each child and go on daily adventures with them. Each child names their reindeer and decides if it is a boy or a girl making it equally as unique as they are. This unmistakeable bond between the child and their reindeer will be the beginning of a yearly Christmas tradition that your child looks forward to every December!

NO HOLIDAY STRESS: No need for parents to move it every day around the house!

MOST AWARDED CHRISTMAS TRADITION brand of 2018 that SOLD OUT in 2017! Nine MAJOR awards including Mom’s Choice and The National Parenting Center! Get some of our 2018 Limited Supply before they’re gone!

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